We provide efficient and modern technical solutions for any problem that may arise in the use of television equipment and systems. Our customers see for themselves that the investment is dirrectly correlated with initial requirements plan and also the post set-up development will not be a major financial effort thus giving our customers the confidence needed to work with us..

Project design

Made Corporate performs full technical projects for television channels, audio-video production studios, production and broadcast trucks. Our customers’ requirements are carefully evaluated to provide the solution that fully meets the project details, both in terms of technical, operational but also on the available budget.

The technical solutions offered are customized for each client based on the profile of the television station and the broadcast schedule. By this approach we ensure the success of technical projects that we are working on and that the solution offered has a value for money approach.


Made Corporate sells in Romania authorized television equipment and systems that are manufactured by leading companies in this field.

We recall a few: Blackmagic Design, Digital Forecast, JVC, Axel Technology, Kramer Electronics, VMix, etc.

These companies provide high-quality technology, practically generating technological trends in the market of television systems and solutions.

Using equipment’s and systems produced by well known domain companies, Made Corporate offers integrated solutions for broadcasters, audio-video production studios, production and broadcast trucks.


We satisfy our customers’ requirements by delivering “turnkey” television projects, providing installation and configuration for all the supplied equipment. Our services include installation of equipment rack, mains, digital audio and video data cabling, and final adjustments and set-ups.

We pay attention at the workflows of a television station, the technical and operational solution supplied being fully compatible with them, with special focus on the video formats, compression and the codecs used.

Integrated approach of video formats, with focus on the technological trends, starting with the acquisition up to the transmission and distribution, delivers reduced costs both operating but also for further development.


The human factor is essential for the success of any television project. Efficient use of television equipment and systems require highly skilled technical staff.

In order to fully serve our customers, Made Corporate provides technical operating courses for the supplied equipment.

In this way, we reduce the habituate time of the technical staff with the new equipment and systems delivered, meanwhile ensuring that the way they are operated is done according to the worldwide standards. From consultancy and project design through equipment supply and installation; and ending with training the technical staff, Made Corporate offers integral “turnkey” solutions, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.